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Everything you need to know about the RLHS cheerleading squad is right here!  Check back often for updates; we have a lot going on...  GO PANTHERS!

What's New?

~On Wednesday, Oct 1st, we will be having a seminar on injury prevention, presented by Dr. Jordan Leasure of North Shore Pro-Active Health. All cheerleaders are required to attend, and parents are strongly encouraged to attend.  The seminar will run from 6-6:30pm in the Commons.


~Check out the photos of our summer session!


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~Be sure to stretch and condition at home in order to help improve your overall strength and physical fitness for advanced stunting!  Remember the stunts we can perform are dependent on what we can already do SUCCESSFULLY!











VISUALIZATION...Visualization techniques are very important, not just for tumbling, but for your overall performance.  Studies have shown that when you practice visualizing your routine on a regular basis as if you were performing it perfectly, your body and mind will connect and you will physically improve your actual performance.  Every night, turn off the lights, lay down comfortably, turn on your comp music, and visualize yourself performing the best routine of your life!  Watch how quickly you tumble, how you spring off the floor in your landing, how sharp each dance motion is, how enthusiastic your facials are, how much energy you demonstrate in your motions and movement...you get the idea!