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What's New with our Teams?

Varsity News...



~All information for competitions will be posted under the Competition News tab.  Please check there for all up to date info as it is received.   If you don't see it here, it hasn't been received from the host school yet!


~To properly care for performance uniforms, please follow the instructions on the tag.


JV News...

~ Games this week Tuesday  & Wednesday


SLEEP...Did you know that if you don't get sufficient sleep (7-8 hours) your entire body is affected by it?  According to an article posted by the Mayo Clinic, getting enough  sleep is associated with healthier body weight, greater motivation, and smarter food choices.  It also helps our brains operate better, facilitating learning, stress management, problem solving, and attention.

  The article suggests having some "bedtime strategies" like guided relaxation, deep breathing, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, and other calm inducing tactics.

  Visualization we already practice in regard to our performances, but for sleep you picture a peaceful, calming place, like relaxing by the ocean where you can hear the crashing waves and other soothing sounds.

  Progressive muscle relaxation we have also done in practice.  Lay down with eyes closed and begin squeezing the muscles in your toes and feet, slowly moving up the body until everything is tense and tight, then from head to feet slowly begin releasing the muscles to a relaxed state.

  Late night reading and NO ELECTRONICS will also help send you to dreamland; the light from cell phones, computers, or tv's stimulates your brain, keeping you in an awakened state and not allowing relaxation to set in as you prepare for sleep.

  For tips on how to get better sleep, click the link and read the article!