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Everything you need to know about the RLHS cheerleading squad is right here!  Check back often for updates; we have a lot going on...  GO PANTHERS!

What's New with our Teams?

Varsity News...


~Starting 10/27/15, practice will begin at 4pm to allow athletes to see teachers, make up tests, attend club meetings, etc, and then end at 6pm. This schedule change will run through the month of November, and then we will return to our usual schedule.  REMEMBER THERE ARE NO FRIDAY PRACTICES EITHER!


 ~We will be cheering for some RLPD Special Olympics basketball games!  These games are at Park School, 400 Townline Rd, in Round Lake and start at 7pm.  We will take a bus from RLHS at 6:30 pm, and return on the bus as well.  Games last no longer than an hour.


~Check the Varsity Upcoming Events tab for all of our happenings!  



JV News...


 ~Always bring your cheer shoes and running shoes to practice, along with a water bottle, ankle weights, and something to write with (you never know when you'll need it)


~Check the JV Upcoming Events tab for all of our happenings!  If you want anything added to it (like team bonding), please email Coach with the details.



POSITIVE SELF TALK...it might seem a little weird at first, but studies have shown that positive self talk actually betters an athlete's performance when used properly.   

There are four types of self talk:  instructional ("bend your knees and follow through with your arms"), calming ("take a deep breath"), motivational ("Yes!  You got it!  Let's go!"), and focused ("Don't think about anything else, just concentrate").  

These four types of positive self talk are meant to be used at different times.  For example, as you are performing a skill, use instructional talk to guide yourself through the technical demands of the skill.

Best practice states that your positive self talk is somewhat rehearsed, so one night soon, take a seat, write down some things you feel people could say to motivate you, and then practice saying them to yourself in your mind!

One thing to remember to make your self talk successful?  Never say "I".  It should feel as if someone else is motivating you, so always use either your name or "you" in your self talk.  For example, rather than "I got this", say "You got this!"  Or "make sure you drive it to the top!"

Give positive self talk a chance and see how much more successful you will be in everything you do, not just cheer!  =)

*This information came from www.coachestoolbox.net